Frequently Asked Questions

What is the office information?

Address: 716 N. Mantua Kent, OH 44240
Phone: 330.531.8982
Mailing Address: 3732 Fishcreek Rd #226, Stow, OH 44224

What are the office hours?

Monday – Friday 9am – 4pm

Who do I call if there is a maintenance issue?

Please submit all maintenance issues using the rmResident App (Tenant Portal) or the TWA account online.

Who do I contact if there is a maintenance issue after / off hours?

If you have an emergency maintenance issue after hours (outside offi ce hours or on weekend) please call 330.531.8982 and follow the prompts.

*Reminder, all other issues are submitted using the rmResident App

What type of maintenance issue is considered an emergency or urgent?

If you have one of the following, please contact maintenance immediately:

  • No Heat
  • No Water
  • No Electricity
  • Flooding

What type of maintenance issue is not considered an emergency?

  • Clogged / slow drain (have you tried plunging it?)
  • Stove not working
  • Refrigerator shut off / not working
  • Light bulb out
  • Bee / insect / pest in unit

What do I do if I lock myself out of my unit?

During regular office hours: Send message through the RMresident App- text the office.


Who is responsible for snow and ice removal?

Tenants are responsible for snow and ice removal in and around their personal properties. (We recommend each house has a shovel and bag of salt / melt in preparation).

Gold Zone will only plow select drives / lots when the snow accumulations exceed 3in. Gold Zone will only plow open areas- if drives are not cleared, we are not responsible for moving vehicles. We will make every attempt to clear drives/lots, but tenants are responsible for moving vehicles.

Be aware, plowing may result in a buildup of snow around vehicles.

*Tenants are responsible for the removal of this snow as It is part of the normal process*

Who is responsible for landscaping / lawn care?

Gold Zone and/or one of our agents will take care of all lawn care (mowing, trimming, etc.).

When is rent due?

The first of each month. If you are paying by semester rent is due on August 1st and January 1st.

Is there a grace period for rent?

Yes, you have until the 5th of each month before you are assessed a late fee. On the 6th of the month, if you still haven’t paid your rent, you will be assessed a $35.00 late fee.

Refer to your lease for any additional fees associated with unpaid/late payments.

How do I pay my rent / financials?

Use your tenant web access (TWA Account) or rmResident App to pay rent, view transaction history, etc.

You may also send in payments (check / money order to our mailing address).

Who do I contact if I have an issue with a neighbor?

We suggest that you contact them directly. We are not responsible for neighbor relations, interactions, or complaints.

If you feel this needs additional attention, please contact the additional parties.

Am I allowed to park at the parking lot located at the corner of Summit and S. Lincoln?

The only people allowed to park at the lot are those who have a valid parking permit from Gold Zone Rentals. If you are interested in a parking pass, please contact the office.

There are fees associated with purchasing parking passes.

Who is responsible for utilities?

The majority of our properties require the tenants to take care of utilities. There are exceptions as some properties have utilities included and/or are billed back by Gold Zone.

If tenants are responsible for setting up and paying utilities and fail to complete the process, GZR will receive the bill(s), and bill back the property accordingly.

Tenants will be assessed a $25 admin fee for the first month and a $50 admin fee each additional month following.

How do I set up my utilities for my property / unit?

Contact the following:
We recommend contacting these companies early as they are normally busy during moving times

Electric: Ohio Edison – 800.633.4766
Gas: Dominon – 800.633.4766
Water: City of Kent – 330.678.8104
Cable / Phone: Your choice of service

What should I do if my water, electric, or gas isn’t working?

First – Have you paid your bill?
If your answer is ‘yes’ to the above:

  • Contact the office (text)
  • Contact maintenance (submit the issue in rmResident App)
  • After hours: Call 330.531.8982 (follow the prompts)

Who is responsible for trash / recycling?

  • GZR is responsible for paying for these services
  • Tenants are responsible for the collection and removal of all trash and recycling from units
  • Tenants are responsible for placing containers at the curb for scheduled pickup
  • Tenants are responsible for removing containers from the curb within 24 hours of collection day
  • The City of Kent has the ability to assess a violation/fine if not completed. Tenants are responsible for all fines/violations assessed by the City plus $50.00 for GZR processing the violation.

Who is responsible for any violations / fines assessed by the City of Kent?

Tenants are financially responsible for any & all fees associated with violations (ex: trash, noise, etc.)

GZR will include a $50.00 admin fee to any fi ne/violation for time & and materials associated with processing the violation and subsequent payment.

When do I have to inform the office if I / we plan on renewing our lease?

GZR will send out a notice at the beginning of October (for units that are traditionally student rentals), other units are notified typically (60) days out from lease termination.

If you are not interested in renewing your lease, please notify us at that time.

How far out in advance with GZR notify me/ us if they intend on visiting our property?

You will be given a minimum of a 24-hour notice for a visit by management, their agents, or maintenance.


  • If there is an emergency GZR reserves the right to enter at any time.
  • If a service issue has been submitted by the tenants, GZR reserves the right to enter your property address to address the service issue. GZR will still attempt to do their best to notify you even in these situations.

What if I am leaving for an extended period of time (break, vacation, etc.)?

  • Make sure all windows are closed and secure.
  • Set the thermostat to a lower temp (Heat: recommended 65 max if no one is around. A/C: Recommended 70).
  • Remove perishable Items from the refrigerator, cabinets, and counters.
  • Take out all trash (Clean up trash, debris, and food to help prevent pests).

What is the City of Kent Nuisance Ordinance

KENT CITY NUISANCE ORDINANCE: We recommend that all tenants review.

Who is responsible for clogged drains / sewers?

Depending on the situation, GZR will normally take care of the fi rst clean-out (1 per year).

If our drain cleaning company determines that the cause is normal usage and/ or roots, GZR will be responsible for covering the cost of maintenance.

If it is determined that the cause is due to abnormal usage, then the tenants will be responsible.

What is abnormal usage?

  • Foreign materials: wipes, tampons, condoms, paper towels, etc. (DO NOT fl ush any items other than toilet paper).
  • Current rate for drain cleaning service: initial charge is $150.00(+) depending on level of service needed.

What does the first and last month's rent charge cover?

Upon move-in, your account will be charged a fi rst and last month’s rent charge. This includes the first and last month of your lease.

Where can I find the maintenance charge list?

There is a maintenance charge list located in every unit.

Or view through the following link: le/d/1-WUXGEG589cS5yAjLUbubqS53_ZsXC0B/view?usp=sharing

What does cleaning mean at turnover time?

All vacated houses / units at the time of turnover will be provided a basic / general cleaning. This includes: wiping down kitchens, bathrooms, common areas, ledges, and window cleaning. Units will be turned over in an acceptable condition.

It is not unreasonable for new tenants to clean their units in addition to this basic general cleaning.

If a house is not fully vacated, the general cleaning of common areas is the responsibility of the current and new tenants.

GZR is not required to clean any occupied common areas.

What is the process for returning a security deposit?

Security deposits are processed by Rentable, please refer to the Rentable FAQs page for details.

Per the Ohio Revised Code, GZR is required to return a tenant’s security deposit within 30 days of the final terms of the lease.

Security deposits will be returned with a transaction history and/ or detailed list of charges associated with a tenant’s account.

  • The amount of the returned security deposit is dependent on any outstanding balances/ charges associated with the tenant’s account.